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GREAT 2019

The University of Greenwich is undertaking preparations for REF2021 by once again running the GREAT (Greenwich REF Assessment Trials) exercise. The following actions are requested from individual academic staff members and Faculty Directors of Research by 1st May.

More details and explanations will be given during the annual GREAT Roadshow and afterwards on the GREAT webpage.

Actions for all Academic Staff

  1. Participate in GREAT Roadshows
  2. Ensure that your outputs are uploaded into GALA and comply with both the rules of GALA, and the REF rules where they apply.
  3. Select for assessment what you consider to be your best outputs
  4. Insert additional information up to a maximum of 100 words to support the output (see page 25 of the REF2014 Assessment Framework and Guidance on Submissions) into the ‘Output Summary’ free text box.  

Showcase your work


What is the difference between selecting GREAT_1, GREAT_2, etc?

In previous years the different letters for the GREAT outputs were merely a way to keep track of which outputs you selected. This year we are asking you to choose your top 6 outputs from all years of GREAT and things published this year and prioritise them, selecting GREAT_1 for your top paper, GREAT_2 for your second and so on.


Impact Statement vs Output statement
The Output Statements required for GREAT are only 100 words and based on the REF2014 criteria for Additional Information found in Para 127 (p.25) of REF2014 Assessment Framework and Guidance on Submissions. They are submitted on GALA when you make your output selections.

Impact Statements are part of GREAT each year but are collated by Unit of Assessment leads, and don’t use GALA. More details and templates can be found on the GREAT webpage


Why can’t I access the item I want to submit for GREAT?
If the record was created by a colleague, they will be the ‘owner’ of the record in the system. Contact the GALA team at who will be able to change the record owner and give you access. Please do not create a duplicate record with the additional information!


Can I submit to GREAT jointly with my co-author?
Yes, but you will need to agree and upload a single output statement. Please preface the statement with both of your names in the format [A Name/B Name] to ensure you are both appropriately included.

Selecting your outputs for GREAT

If you are creating a new GALA record, and wish it to count towards GREAT 2019, please fill in the appropriate fields before you deposit the item. If you are the record owner (i.e. the depositor), and you wish to select an output which is already in GALA, please use the Edit tab on the GREAT stage of the workflow to highlight the appropriate icon (A-E) and input the textual summary.

If the record was created by a colleague, but you wish to select it yourself, you will need to contact the GALA team at who will be able to uploads the information on your behalf.

Please do not deposit a duplicate record with the additional information! 

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