IT Services: Avery Hill

Computer & Study Room Availability

For computer availability throughout Avery Hill campus, click here.

For Group Study Room availability, go to the Portal and click on Timetables, then Rooms.

To book a Group Study Room, click here.


  • eduroam - Can be used by UoG staff and students, as well as visitors who are affiliated with another institution that uses Eduroam. For Greenwich users, login by entering (i.e., with your University password. For visitors, please check login details with your institution. For access instructions for your device, click here.

  • _TheCloud - A freely accessible network that can be used by both guests and visitors. For access instructions for your device, click here.

Specialist Applications & Software

A number of computers have specialist applications and software installed; you can check what your Faculty provides by clicking here. If you are having difficulty in accessing a program listed, please contact the IT Service Desk in the first instance.

Your Faculty may have specific computer labs that have specialist software you require. If you are having difficulty in accessing a program within one of these labs, please contact your Faculty in the first instance.

Personal Device Availability (i.e. Laptops)

At Mansion Site Library, there are 17 laptops available for use throughout the building. They are available to borrow via the Welcome Desk, during staffed hours. They may be loaned for up to four hours at a time.

Please note that the Library does not loan personal devices, with the exception of laptops borrowed for use within the Library (these laptops cannot be removed from the Library).

Downloadable Applications & Software

As a Greenwich student, you are able to download for free a number of applications and software which can help support you throughout your studies; please see below.

  • SPSS (IBM) - Statistical analysis software that can be installed on to your device, either by disc or USB. Discs can be collected from the Mansion Lab Desk, during staffed hours only. Alternatively, the software can be installed directly on to your device using the licensed USB; please ask at the Mansion Lab Desk, during staffed hours only.

  • Office 365 (Microsoft) - Includes Word, Excel; PowerPoint, Outlook; OneNote, Publisher and Cloud support through OneDrive. This software can be downloaded a maximum of ten times; five Mac or PC downloads and five mobile devices. To login, enter your (i.e., with your University password. The software will be available to you for the duration of your studies. For further information and access instructions for your device, click here (students) or here (staff).

Contact Us

Email: IT Service Desk -

Visit: Mansion Site - Mansion Lab Desk, currently open from;

Monday to Friday - 09:00 until 17:00 

Please note that the desk is closed on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year.

Copying, Printing & Scanning on Avery Hill Campus

Looking to copy, print or scan? There are multiple facilities throughout Avery Hill Campus. Please view under Campus Computing Study Space for facilities per study area; there are further printing facilities available in Mansion Site Library within the Green RoomNorth Hall and off the Marble Hall (opposite the Welcome Desk).

If you are printing from either Mac or your own device, you will need to use the Web Print link. For PC users, the printers are linked to all PCs by default.


Please visit the IT Help Point in M010 at Mansion Site for instruction on plotter use. Remote support may be found in the Fry Building, within the Print Area.

Top-Up Your Print Credit

To print, you will need to have print credit. This can be added to your student card using the top-up money loaders situated at;

Location Area Number of money loaders available
Mansion Site Library Ground Floor - Marble Hall 1
M010 Ground Floor - Quiet Zone 1

Please note that print credit may only be added with cash. Additionally, the machines do not give change; please ensure that you have the exact funds to top-up.

What do you think?

We are continually looking to improve our LibGuides. If you feel there is something that would be useful here, please let us know by contacting us via the following address:

This address is only for sending your comments and suggestions. If you require IT help, please contact us through the details provided at the top of the page.

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