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24 Hour Opening: Home

Find out which services are available during 24 hour opening at Stockwell Street Library

Please remember!

After midnight only students and staff of the university with valid Greenwich Gateway cards will be allowed access.

Restricted access for ALUMNI, Reference card holders, SCONUL users, individual subscribers or clinical staff after midnight until 8.00am.

24 hour Opening at Stockwell Street Library, Greenwich Campus

Alumni and SCONUL Access Restrictions

Access restrictions will be implemented during certain times of the 24 hour opening period. Please ensure that you are aware of the following changes that may affect your access to Stockwell Street Library.

Alumni Access

Throughout the entirety of the 24 hour opening period, Alumni users may enter Stockwell Street  Library from 08:00 until 23:59 of each day. If you are still within the Library from midnight onwards, you are welcome to remain. However, if you leave at any time from midnight you will not be permitted to re-enter until 08:00 the next morning.


During the 24 hour opening period, there will be restricted access for SCONUL users at Stockwell Street  Library. Applications may be submitted but no access will be granted in Stockwell Street Library. Both Avery Hill and Drill Hall libraries will continue to remain accessible (please see Avery Hill and Drill Hall opening hours).

Outside of this period, SCONUL users may enter the Library from 08:00 until 23:59 of each day.

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