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Filming in the Library: Stockwell Street Library

Find out how to apply for permission to film in our libraries


Filming can only occur when the building is open to all, we will not open up specially.  This does not apply to the group study rooms, which are limited to the booking times shown on the system. Please check our opening hours for accurate opening times.

Group Study Rooms

Permission to film in these rooms for your course/project work is not generally necessary if you are using phones or small handheld cameras. 

TV and film makers etc, will need to complete the permission slip and give 5 WORKING DAYS notice. We will need details about large equipment including cameras, booms, hanging rails for wardroom etc where there will be a greater potential for disturbance both inside and outside the rooms. Application for additional group study room time may be considered. The table below provides details about the facilities in the different rooms.

Please note: The glass door panels should not be covered.

Open Spaces

Filming is usually restricted to the Basement, Ground and First floors.  We have looked at these floors and identified regions within them, that we feel will best suit your needs, ie in terms of light, space and furniture, whilst minimising the impact on our users.

Below are a photos and descriptions of areas we feel are best suited for filming and are therefore the ones we are most likely to approve. 

Requests to film elsewhere will be considered especially if they are at quieter times of the day/year, however, the approval process will take longer and photos of the areas will be required.

Times we permit filming vary depending on the opening hours of the building, as this reflects the business of the library.

During Midnight Opening

Monday-Friday  8-10 am and 6-8 pm

Saturday & Sunday 9 to 6.30 pm

During 24 hour Opening excluding Bank Holiday

Saturday & Sunday only

Basement Layout

 This space at the front of the basement is less likely to have any sound issues as the shelves provide an effective barrier.







 This space also at the front of the basement and close to the space above is well lit and provides some of the same same sound protection by the shelves as the previous space.








  This  space at the bottom of the main stairwell is open and light and popular with students. However you are likely   to get substantial and unavoidable noise traveling from the stairwell and upper floors.  This space can only be used for short periods.










First Floor layout

Ground Floor Layout