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Welcome to GREFest 2021

What is GREFest?

GREFest is our festival of skills to welcome you to the start of the university year. Whether you’re studying from home or staying with us on campus,  you’ll be able to participate in our interactive sessions.  

There are plenty of useful, informative and fun sessions to support you whatever your academic needs. Our festival is packed full of events to support you as you begin your university journey. Check out what is going on in each of the festival "tents" - have fun, take a look around and chill out - trust us, you can't break anything!

Join the GREFest Challenge!

There are 10 challenges to choose from, it's time to get creative and get in the festival mood! How to enter? Complete at least 3 challenges and create a collage with photos of each of your challenges. Post your collage to our Twitter @UoGLibraries or Instagram gre_it.library using #GREFest. Three lucky entrants will win a prize including £20 print credit.

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GREFest: How does it work?

GREFest Tent

GREFest is designed to help students at all levels get the most out of the coming university year.

Here you will find live sessions where you can meet students just like yourselves and start making friends, tutors and librarians who are ready to support your studies, as well as wellbeing experts and members of the Students Union. All of our live events are accessible online using Teams, and on campus. 

Get ready for Uni!

Greenwich students, Luna and Stephanie, have some practical advice to help you get ready for University.

GREFEst 2021 Recordings

Enjoyed GREFest? Wished you'd taken better notes? Missed an important session because it clashed with another event? Well, have no fear, the GREFest greatest hits compilation is here for your enjoyment. Just click on the links below to see recordings of all of the live events that took place during the festival. Have fun:

Welcome to GREFest: How to access the festival

Settling into university: Feeling a bit anxious about what is expected of you at university? This is the video for you!

Starting out with your studies: Join us for hints and tips about how to study effectively at university.

Returning to study: Been away from education for a while? Feeling a little unconfident? We can help.

Learning Mindset: what is the right attitude to approach your studies with? Join us here to find out.

The Library at your fingertips: Our libraries are more than just physical spaces. Learn about the online library services and resources available to you in this session.

Academic writing: A guide to structuring and writing coursework essays and dissertations.

Beginning your reading: A good student is one who reads widely. Here you will learn how to select the right texts for your studies.

Beginning your writing: Writing your first essay can be daunting. Here a some useful tips to get you started.

What is critical thinking?: University study is not just about gathering information it is also about questioning your sources.

Introduction to student wellbeing service: Disability and Dyslexia, Mental Health and Counselling: Your wellbeing is vital to a successful  and satisfying university experience.

Using Panopto: All our sessions and lectures are recorded and made available to you via Panopto, learn how to access them here.

Writing a CV: Promoting yourself effectively in the job market is a vital skill. Join us here to learn how to present yourself effectively in your CV.

Your Digital Learning: In this workshops we explore resources aimed at helping you to develop the digital skills needed for university study, and reflect upon the digital capabilities needed to be able successfully and confidently operate in a digital society.

Using Studiosity: Studiosity is a service for all Greenwich students that gives feedback on your written work , as well as offering some other useful features. Join Tom as he outlines what Studiosity is, what it does, and how to use it effectively.

Stats for Dissertations: A useful session for those of you using maths and stats in your dissertations or essays

Sage Research Methods: Search and browse books, dictionaries, encyclopedia, video, journal articles, cases and datasets on research methods to help you with your dissertation

Academic Integrity: Acknowledging and referencing your resources demonstrate that you have researched your topic and that you have built a knowledge base around your dissertation. This gives your voice credibility and you are able to write with authority. This simple practice helps you to avoid any confusion about unknowingly plagiarising the works of others. Join us for an interactive discussion on this topic.

Meet BoB: BoB is the on demand TV and radio service. Users can record current programmes from over 75 free-to-air channels, and search the archive of over 2.2 million broadcasts.

Referencing with Mendeley: Learn how to use a Reference Management Software such as Mendeley that will help to store, organise and cite all your academic literature

Writing a literature review: Literature reviews are the foundation stone of a research study or dissertation.  This session explores the purpose of a literature review and how to go about structuring them.

What is a reading list and how much should I read?: This session looks at the purpose of course reading lists including where to find them and how to manage your reading.  Your tutors will not expect you to read everything on a course reading list, but they are useful guides for following up the material covered in lectures and seminars.

Preparing to learn online: New to technology: This session is ideal for anyone who is new to using technology. Grow your confidence and develop your technical new skills. This session will give you an introduction to University learning systems including MS Teams, Moodle and other useful tools.

Student Panel: Question Time: Join fellow students to discover what they have learned about study during their time at Greenwich.

Meet the team

Meet the Academic Support Team, your GREFest host! Find out about how the team will support you at the start of year and throughout your university studies.The Academic Support Team is made up of subject specialist librarians, academic tutors and student mentors and we are all here just for you! Use the link above or click on the image to find out more about us.

If you have any questions feel free to email us:

What students say

  This was absolutely brilliant! I'm so glad even though it's online a lot of fun can still be had.  

Festival crowds in front of a blue tent

  These sessions have been really helpful when trying to settle into uni life and the new technology that was going to be used  

Hot Air balloons - decorative image

  Loved the interactive sections - they helped me to learn and gain confidence.  

Festivalgoers in the sunshine - back view

  It's been more than 8 years since I last sat in the classroom, so these sessions will definitely help me with my academic skills and easy writing which am nervous about at the moment. So thanks for such help.  

Festival crowds in front of a blue tent

  Loved all the interactive bits of the session and the relaxed feel of the people presenting - felt more engaged as a result.  

Hot air balloons - decorative image

  Really helped to learn to use the Portal and to be able to get advice as a mature student.  

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