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General Library Guide: Blocked from borrowing?

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Blocked from borrowing

Blocked from borrowing?

If for any reason you are blocked from borrowing in a library, it could be because of any one of these things:

  • You have an item which is overdue. An item only becomes overdue when one of our other library user has reserved it an no other copy is available. 
  • You have reached the maximum number of items you are allowed to loan from across all the libraries. The maximum is 40.
  • You have items on your account and you are finishing, or have finished, your course

To unblock your account and borrow books again:

  • Return any overdue items.
  • Bring back 1 or more items.
  • If you are finishing, or have finished,  your course, it is essential that you return all of the items on your account.

Please note that items can be returned to any one of our library sites.

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