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Employability: Company info

Do your research!

When you get an interview, make sure to do your research about the company or organisation you wish to work for. Candidates that are well prepared and can show they already know a lot about the company will impress.

Passport and Mintel

A market research report might help you understand some of the challenges facing a company or simply help you understand more about where that company sits in a market. This can all help you prepare for an interview and prepare some really good questions!


We have UK market research reports on Mintel in various sectors from Beauty and Personal Care through to Technology.


We have market research from all over the world on Passport, so if the compnay you want to work for is global it might be worth checking out the market in different countries.


Company Websites

Business Source Premier

You can find company profiles and industry profiles on Business Source Premier. These reports can help you gain an understanding of the company and reading an industry profile might help you to prepare some good questions about your role can help the company's performance.

Find Business Source Premier via the Online databases and academic journals link in the My Learning/Learning Support pages in the portal.