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Extended Opening Hour LibGuide: Home

Computer and Study Room Availability

If the library is full and you are looking for a computer or a study space, please visit View computer availability throughout Greenwich campus.

For Group Study Room availability, go to the Portal and click on My Learning, then Library Support, Book a library group room at the relevant campus library.


Take a Break

To relax and refocus, it is really important to take the time to have a break. 

If you need to leave your desk for more than a few minutes, please use the "Take A Break" software (icon on your desktop), which will lock your PC with an onscreen countdown for 40 minutes.  You will be advised to save your work.  This will show other students that you are coming back.  If you do not come back, the software will log you out.

Making sure you eat well and stay hydrated is important. 


Vending machines are available on the ground floor of the libraries.



Extended Opening Hour Guide

Every year, we open 24 hour for a period of 8 weeks at all libraries.  Please check our full opening hours Opening Hours - LibCal - University of Greenwich.

​Core Library staff leave at 21:00 when our external company Agency staff come on duty. They will be working shifts through to 08:00; the University security staff will staff the main reception as usual. Agency staff will always do their best to help you, but they can only offer assistance to a certain level; you may need to wait until core library and IT staff are on duty at 09:00 am if you need help of a specialist nature.

  • Use your Greenwich Gateway Card at the main entrance door to access the building.
  • “No card No access” policy will be strictly enforced. You must be able to produce your ID card on request as stated in the Principal Conditions of Registration
  • Self-services machines are in operation.
  • Agency staff will ensure that the library is kept tidy, MFDs refilled.
  • Agency staff will be patrolling and doing head counts.
  • Food and Drink policy is the same as during normal opening hours.
  • Strictly no hot food.
  • Drinks in lidded bottles and cups only.
  • No food at all in the silent study areas.
  • Help maintain a pleasant study environment, please leave your workspace tidy - clear up any rubbish before you leave and dispose of any liquids in the liquid bins provided across the library.  This helps the cleaners to keep the library tidy.  Please dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided.
  • If you have liquids in cups or bottles pour into one of the special liquid bins.  Please report any spillage to the Reception Desk.
  • Bookable Group Study rooms will be closed at 21:00 and not available again until 09.00  (Please refer to the Book a group study room link from the My Learning Page, Library Support portlet).
  • Please be considerate of all users. If you need to talk about your work use the ground floor; staff will ask people to move so that we can maintain a quiet study environment.
  • In the event of a fire alarm activation, please leave immediately by following the fire exit signs to the nearest exit. – use the enclosed stair cores, rather than the open stairs.
  • No sleeping! Staff will wake anyone caught napping; Please go home when you are too tired to work.

Report and Support

Report and Support single gateway if you want to disclose the incident, talk to someone to discuss their reporting options or access tailored help and support.


Image result for safezone


Safezone is the university's mobile app that allows all students and staff to alert, contact and directly speak to the Security team in the event of an emergency.

If you or someone else ever need assistance in an emergency, simply tap the alert button and the Security Control Room will be immediately notified and your location will be shared with them. Using your location and personal profile, the Security team can respond immediately to your specific needs.Once an alert is opened, you can also either call or direct message a Security guard. If possible and safe to do so, you can provide further details on what you need and how they can best help. 

SafeZone uses geofencing to cover every campus and halls of residence. As long as your phone is connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data, there is now a simple and clear way of getting help wherever you need it.

For more information, please how it works here

University Bus Service

The University of Greenwich runs an inter-campus bus service for students to travel between each campus. Discover how the bus service operates.