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Mathematics: On the shelves

Dewey (shelf numbers) for Mathematics

A Guide to Dewey Classification  -  Numbers for Mathematicians.

510 Mathematics

510.1 Philosophy and theory

511 General topics

511.3 Mathematical (Symbolic) logic

512 Algebra & number theory

512.9 Foundations of algebra

513 Arithmetic

513.2 Specific arithmetic operations

513.5 Numeration systems

514 Topology

515 Analysis

516 Geometry

516.2 Euclidean geometry

516.3 Analytic geometries

516.9 Non-Euclidean geometries

519 Probabilities & applied mathematics

519.2 Probabilities

519.3 Game theory

519.4 Applied numerical analysis

Other Useful Numbers

003 Systems                                                                        531 Classical mechanics; solid mechanics

004 Data processing & computer science                           532 Fluid mechanics

005 Computer programming, programs & data                   533 Gas mechanics

332 Financial economics                                                     534 Sound & related vibrations

368 Insurance                                                                      535 Light & infrared & ultraviolet phenomena

 522 Techniques, equipment & materials                             536 Heat

526 Mathematical geography                                               537 Electricity & electronics

 527 Celestial navigation                                                      538 Magnetism

 529 Chronology                                                                   539 Modern physics

530 Physics                                                                         620 Engineering & allied operations

621 Applied physics

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Maths Good reads

Hello world: how to be human in the age of the machine 306.46/FRY
 Ingenious... 509.40903/jar 
Blacks in science 509.6/BLA 
Number and numbers 510.1/BAD
Descartes' dream: the world according to mathematics 510.1/DAV
The nature of mathematical knowledge 510.1/KIT
Imagining numbers (particularly the square root of 510.1/MAZ
The unlimited infinite: exploring the philosophy of... 510.1/SCO
Remarks on the foundations of mathematics 510.1/WIT
The number sense : how the mind creates mathematics 510.19/DEH
Humble Pi: a comedy of maths errors 510.2/PAR
How the brain learns mathematics 510.71/SOU
Mathematics counts: report of the Committee of Inquiry 510.71042/GRE 
Collaborative learning in mathematics: a challenge 510.711/SWA  
Oxford figures: 800 years of the mathematical sciences... 510.71142574/OXF
Duel at dawn: heroes, martyrs, and the rise of modern 510.9/ALE 
Infinite ascent: a short history of mathematics 510.9/BER  
The history of mathematics: an introduction 510.9/BUR
Mathematical sorcery: revealing the secrets of numbers 510.9/CLA
The history of mathematics: a brief course 510.9/COO
The History of mathematics: a reader 510.9/HIS
A history of mathematics: from Mesopotamia to modernity... 510.9/HOD
A history of mathematics: from Mesopotamia to modernity... 510.9/HOD
Mathematics in the making 510.9/HOG
Makers of mathematics 510.9/HOL
A history of mathematics 510.9/KAT
The story of mathematics: from creating the pyramids... 510.9/ROO
Taming the infinite: the story of mathematics 510.9/STE
Mathematics in historical context 510.9/SUZ
Numbers at work: a cultural perspective 510.9/TAS
How to read historical mathematics 510.9/WAR
Five golden rules: great theories of 20th century 510.9047/CAS
The cogwheel brain: Charles Babbage and the quest... 510.92/BAB:SWA
The man who loved only numbers: the story of Paul 510.92/ERD:HOF
A mathematician's apology 510.92/HAR:HAR
Ada: a life and a legacy 510.92/LOV:STE
The essential John Nash 510.92/NAS:ESS
The genius in my basement: the biography of a happy 510.92/NOR:MAS
Perfect rigour: a genius and the mathematical breakthrough 510.92/PER:GES
The man who knew infinity: a life of the genius Ramanujan 510.92/RAM:KAN
Alan Turing: the enigma 510.92/TUR:HOD
Alan Turing: the enigma of intelligence 510.92/TUR:HOD
Men of mathematics 510.922/BEL
Women in Mathematics 510.922/OSE
Adventures of a mathematician 510.924/ULA
The mathematics of Plato's Academy: a new reconstruction 510.938/FOW
A passage to infinity: medieval Indian mathematics 510.954830902/JOS
Magic squares and cubes 510/AND 
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of college maths 510/AYR
Thinking mathematically 510/BAN
100 essential things you didn't know you didn't know…maths 510/BAR
Five-minute mathematics 510/BEH
Alex's adventures in numberland 510/BEL
The best writing on mathematics (various years) 510/BES
The tiger that isn't: seeing through a world of numbers 510/BLA
The art of mathematics: coffee time in Memphis 510/BOL
Five more golden rules: knots, codes chaos, and other 510/CAS
Conversations with a mathematician: math, art, science 510/CHA
Cakes, custard and category theory 510/CHE
What is mathematics?: an elementary approach to ideas 510/COU
3; 1416 and all that 510/DAV
Weird maths: at the edge of infinity and beyond 510/DAR
Mathematics: the new golden age 510/DEV
How long is a piece of string?: more hidden mathematics 510/EAS
Why do buses come in threes?: the hidden mathematics 510/EAS
For all practical purposes: introduction to contemporary 510/FOR
Discovering mathematics : the art of investigation 510/GAR
Mathematics: a very short introduction 510/GOW
Nonplussed!: mathematical proof of implausible ideas 510/HAV
Crossing the river with dogs: problem solving for 510/JOH
Numbers, sequences and series 510/KIR
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of basic mathematics 510/KRU
The Princeton companion to mathematics 510/PRI
The grounde of artes 510/REC
The grounde of artes: a facsimile of the first edition 510/REC
The pathway to knowledge: a facsimile of the first 510/REC
Introducing mathematics 510/SAR
The life-changing magic of numbers 510/SEA
Introductory technical mathematics 510/SMI
Cows in the maze 510/STE
How to cut a cake: and other mathematical conundrums 510/STE
Letters to a young mathematician 510/STE
Professor Stewart's hoard of mathematical treasures 510/STE
The magical maze: seeing the world through mathematical 510/STE
The problems of mathematics 510/STE
Wonders beyond numbers: a brief history of all things mathematical 510.9/BAL
Significant figures: lives and works of trailblazing mathmaticians 510.922/STA
Hidden figures: the untold story of the Africam American women who helped win the space race 510.9252/lee
Gödel, Escher, Bach: an eternal golden braid 511.3/HOF
Language, logic and mathematics 511.3/KIL
Proofs and refutations: the logic of mathematical 511.3/LAK
Euclid in the rainforest: discovering the universal 511.3/MAZ
Graphs and their uses 511.5/ORE
Six degrees: the science of a connected age 511.5/WAT
Small worlds: the dynamics of networks between order 511.5/WAT
Four colours suffice: how the map problem was solved 511.5/WIL
How to solve it: a new aspect of mathematical method 511/POL
Surreal numbers: how two ex-students turned on to... 512.7076/KNU
Lure of the integers 512.72/ROB
Closing the gap: the quest to understand prime numbers 512.723/NEA
Prime obsession: Bernhard Riemann and the greatest 512.723/RIE:DER
The music of the primes: why an unsolved problem in 512.73/SAU
Fermat's last theorem 512.74/SIN
The greate invention of algebra: Thomas Harriot's 512.94/STE
Numbers: their history and meaning 513.2/FLE
Number 513.2/MAC
The universal history of numbers: from prehistory 513.509/IFR
The kingdom of infinite number: a field guide 513/BUN
Dude, can you count?: stories, challenges, and adventures 513/CON
Gamma: exploring Euler's constant 513/HAV
The nothing that is: a natural history of zero 513/KAP
The knot book: an elementary introduction to the mathematical... 514.2242/ADA
Mathematics and the unexpected 514.72/EKE
Schaum's outline of beginning calculus 515.076/MEN
How to ace the rest of calculus: the streetwise guide... 515/ADA
Schaums...Calculus 515/AYR
The calculus lifesaver: all the tools you need to... 515/BAN
Calculus 515/GRO
Finding moonshine: a mathematician's journey through... 516.1/DUS
A history of pi 516.22009/BEC
The sensual (quadratic) form 516.35/CON
Schaums Outlines of Geometry 516/RIC
Smoke and mirrors: how to bend facts and figures to... 518.23/STR
Elementary probability 519.2/CHU  
Probability and statistics: the science of uncertainty... 519.2/EVA
The Improbability principle 519.2/HAN
Educated guessing: how to cope in an uncertain world 519.2/KOT
Schaums...Probability and statistics: the science of uncertainty... 519.2/LIP
The drunkard's walk: how randomness rules our lives 519.2/MLO
The mathmatics of games 519.3/BEA
Game theory: a very short introduction 519.3/BIN
The compleat strategyst: being a primer on the theory 519.3/WIL
Statistics for the terrified 519.5/KRA
Statistics without tears 519.5/ROW
Understanding statistics 519.5/UPT
Stats to go: a guide to statistics for hospitality 519.502/BUG
Möbius and his band: mathematics and astronomy in 520.92/MOB:MOB
The castle of knowledge 522/REC
Big bang: the most important scientific discovery 523.18/SIN
The Newton handbook 530.092/NEW:GJE
Let Newton be! 530.0924/NEW:LET
Does God Play Dice 530.1/STE
Why does e:(and why should we care?) 530.11/COX
Brief history of time 530.11/HAW
How to teach relativity to your dog 530.11/ORZ
The quantum universe: everything that can happen does 530.12/COX
Hyperspace: a scientific odyssey through parallel... 530.142/KAK
Chaos: making a new science 531.11/GLE
Why beauty is truth: a history of symmetry 539.725/STE
The elegant universe: superstrings, hidden dimensions 539.7258/GRE
How to teach quantum physics to your dog 539/ORZ
Mathematics of life: unlocking the secrets of existence 570.151/STE
Cracking Code Book 652.8/SIN 
The code book: the science of secrecy from ancient 652.8/SIN 
Puzzle ninja: pit your wits against the Japanese puzzle masters 793.73/BEL
A Tangled Tale Mathematical Puzzles 793.74/CAR
Figuring: the joy of numbers 793.74/DEV 
Aha! insight 793.74/GAR
Martin Gardner's mathematical games: the entire collection 793.74/GAR
Origami, Eleusis, and the Soma cube: Martin Gardner 793.74/GAR
Sphere packing, Lewis Carroll, and reversi: Martin 793.74/GAR
Time travel: and other mathematical bewilderments 793.74/GAR
The Moscow puzzles: 359 mathematical recreations 793.74/KOR
Math hysteria: fun and games with mathematics 793.74/STE
The Mayor of Uglyville's dilemma: and other mathematical 793.74/STE
Mathematical Puzzles: A Connoisseur's Collection 793.74/WIN
Mathematical Puzzles: A Connoisseur's Collection 793.74/WIN
100 essential things you didn't know you didn't know 796.02/BAR
Popco 823.914/THO