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Library Search Usability Study: Home

For information about the LibrarySearch Usability Study read on...


This project is intended to help us develop LibrarySearch with your help. If you would like to take part we would need your consent. Please read the information on these pages carefully to help you understand the objectives of the project and what we require from you

Brief Project Outline

What is the project for?

This project is intended to help the University of Greenwich Library Service improve usability, and develop new functionality for the next version of our LibrarySearch website.

Who is conducting this project?

This project is being conducted on behalf of the libraries at the University of Greenwich, the University of Kent, and CCCU. The project team are Nathan Scrimshaw and James Chick.

How do we intend to do it?

We intend to run a single workshop, where participants can try out prototypes of the new site and give us feedback. We will be making refinements and building a final prototype during the workshop, so that by the end of it participants will see a version that is as close to the final release as practical.

What will the project cover?

The main focus of this release will be on general accessibility (e.g. colours, fonts, navigation, etc.) and the usability of the search engine (e.g. how results are arranged and presented, etc.).

Who we are looking for?

We're primarily interested in the views and opinions of students at the University of Greenwich. It doesn't matter what you're studying or how long you're with us for, we'd like the broadest range of views possible.

If you are not a student and have an interest in either this project or LibrarySearch please do get in touch, we will try to accommodate you.

Please be aware that places will be limited, so we will recruit on a first-come-first-served basis to ensure fairness.

If you would like to participate...

If you would like to attend this workshop we will need your consent. Please download the consent form below and read it carefully. We will be asking you to sign a copy of this form if you attend the workshop.

Why we need your consent:

It is important that you understand the objectives of this research, and your role in it, for the results to be useful to us. The consent form explains what we're asking you to do, along with our obligations to you (for example, how we will use any data you give us) and what the outcome of the research will be. In signing it, you acknowledge your understanding of this; but, as the form states, you will state be under no obligation to take part if you change your mind.

Workshop date and location

The venue will be the Stockwell Street Library, and we will try to find a date and time that will suit all our participants. We'll be publishing a range of dates for you to choose from soon, so watch this space...

Date 1 tbc Time tbc
Date 2 tbc Time tbc
Date 3 tbc Time tbc

Next steps...

If you would like to take part, or have any questions, please contact James Chick at