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Support for Students in Partner Institutions: International Partner students


iPROGRESS is a collection of learning resources aimed at helping you use information effectively and ethically in your academic work. It provides tutorials on important aspects of the academic research process, including:

  • Locating Information for an Academic Project;
  • Finding Quality Information on the Internet;
  • Bibliographic Citation;
  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Effective Use of Social Media

If you complete all the courses of iPROGRESS, you can request a Certificate of Achievement.

Find iPROGRESS on the My Learning or Student page in the portal.

Who can access our eresources?

‚ÄčLicences permit access to all our eresources for University staff and students on and off campus via the University portal. However, access to certain products may not be available to the following groups:

  • Students registered for a University of Greenwich award but studying at a UK or overseas partner institution of the University of Greenwich;
  • Staff in a UK or overseas partner institution of the University of Greenwich who are not employed by the University, but are involved in the teaching or support of students registered for a University of Greenwich award.
  • Note that students registered on programmes Quality Assured by the University of Greenwich are not entitled to access any of our eresources.

Access for partner UK and overseas staff

View or download the summary of access rights guide on this page to see what you are entitled to.

All users must be aware that there are terms and conditions governing the use of the electronic journals and databases. In particular where access is permitted for staff in a partner institution this is only for the teaching or support of University of Greenwich students and may not be used for the teaching or support of other students in the institution.

Logging in

Once logged into the university portal users should select the My Learning/Learning Support page and then the Online databases and academic journals link in the Search the Library portlet to use individual resources.

To cross-search enter your keywords in the Quick LibrarySearch box in the Search the Library portlet.

For access to the portal partner staff must apply for an Affiliate Account.

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