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Academic Support Podcast with Dr Mike

Academic Support

Welcome to AcPod with Dr. Mike

Hi, and welcome to the Academic Support Podcast or AcPod! From time to time we will be posting a new cast where we will be chatting about how to study, some of the challenges you might face in producing assessed pieces of course work and many more topics designed to help you become the best student you can be.

We will be interviewing students, staff and anyone else we can find that might be able to offer advice and support - hopefully we can arrange a chat with the Avery Hill Library cat, Cinnamon  if we can agree on a fee.

If you have any suggestions about topics we could cover do please let us know.


Honesty, Integrity and You. 

How important is academic integrity to your character and personality and to your future career? Let's hear what 4 students have to say about this.


Special Video Edition!
How do essays give you power? How do essay mills take it away from you? Join Dr MIke for some insights into this sensitive issue.

Podcast  - Introducing the Podcast.


Hi, I'm Dr. Mike from the Academic and Digital Support Team. Join me as I explain what the Podcast is for and some of the topics it will cover over the weeks. Feel free to contact me to suggest themes, topics and issues that you would like us to discuss and if you'd like to contribute to the cast personally to talk about your own experiences that would be great - who wants to listen to me week in and week out, right?

Podcast  - challenges and support.

 A chat with some random students in Stockwell Street library.


Wandering through SWS library I always see lots of busy students getting on with work, spending time with friends or just chilling. Today I was smiled at by Angela so I thought I'd go over to her table and have a chat with her and her two friends...

The link to the Academic Support web page mentioned in the chat is:

Podcast  - Who are the Digital Champions?

A chat with students working with the academic and digital support team.


Our Digital Champions are an important part of student support but what do they do and why do they do it??

Also, check out their intro video here.


Podcast - Mental health awareness and colouring in!

The stresses and pressure of life and work can impact on our mental health and sense of wellbeing in a variety of, often unconscious, ways. Focusing on something simple like colouring in a pattern or a picture and really help with combating this and keeping mentally well.

Podcast  - Preparing for study.

A chat with an ex-student.


No one is born with study skills, these need to be learned. It is possible to prepare for study so that gaining new skills comes more easily. Join us for this cast as we chat about things you can do from the very start of your university journey to help make that journey more comfortable and so that you end up at the destination you want.

Podcast  - Tereza tells us about her 3rd year challenges

Tereza is a third year and one of our digital champions - she is always very busy and often gets concerned about her work even though it is very good, why is that Tereza??

Podcast  - Dr Mike's holiday Message

Mike gives you a little friendly, festive advice.

Top Hat

Perhaps studying intensely over the holidays is not the best way to go. It's been a long term...

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