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Box of Broadcasts

Box of Broadcasts

Box of Broadcasts is a streaming service like BBC iPlayer for further and higher education. You can watch, record, edit programmes into clips, create playlists and embed clips into Moodle as well as share what you are watching with other users of the service. There is a growing archive of over 2 million programmes dating back to the 1990s to choose from.

Note: Access to the content in Box of Broadcasts restricted to within the UK only.

How does it work?

BoB allows you to select and make recording of any programmes broadcast on more than 60 TV and radio channels: current list of available channels. Once a programme has been recorded, it is stored indefinitely and therefore becomes part of a growing media archive.

As a user you can:

  • Create and edit audio and video clips
  • Organise clips and programmes into playlists.
  • Links to programmes, clips and playlists can be shared with other BoB users using popular social media. 
  • Add comments to programmes and clips.

Transcripts of subtitled programmes are fully searchable and linked to the video timeline. This facility makes it very easy for users to identify and navigate to the specific sections of a programme that are of interest to them.

Logging in to BoB

Follow these easy steps to register. Login to BoB simply click the SIGN IN button on the home screen, then select University of Greenwich on the ‘Where Are You From?’ Screen. You’ll then be able to access BoB using the University's account details.

Citing audiovisual materials from BoB

BoB makes it easy for students to reference audiovisual work correctly. Accurate citations that conform to the BUFVC Audiovisual Citation Guidelines, are automatically created for programmes, playlists, clips and sections of clips. These citations can easily be copied and pasted into other documents.

More help

If you have further questions about Box of Broadcast or you are experiencing any problems please contact us at: 

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