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LinkedIn Learning

A short guide to introduce LinkedIn Learning for students and staff

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Staff and students have access to the LinkedIn Learning library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognised industry experts.

What this means for you

With courses covering everything from study skills to mastering software, presenting with confidence through to how to prepare for interviews, LinkedIn Learning is a great tool to help you with your personal and professional development. 

Start exploring all the opportunities that LinkedIn Learning has to offer:

How to access LinkedIn Learning

Access the full catalogue of courses by activating your Greenwich LinkedIn Learning account. If you don't have a LinkedIn account, we recommend you create one using your personal email address. You can then link your LinkedIn account to your LinkedIn Learning profile to receive personalised course recommendations based on your career goals and professional interests.

To find out more about LinkedIn Learning and how it works, complete the How to Use LinkedIn Learning course.

Find out how other students are using LinkedIn Learning for their studies

Lisa, Bsc Adult Nursing

Lisa is studying for a nursing degree and has been asked to create a poster for one of her assignments. It has been a while since Lisa last created a poster and is unsure which software to use. Luckily Lisa discovered LinkedIn Learning which has a variety of short courses on poster design as well as presentation and poster apps like Sway, PowerPoint and Publisher.

Explore LiL courses on Presentations on LinkedIn Learning

Ade, BA Primary Education

Ade worked as a teaching assistant for 12 years and is now studying on the BA Primary Education course. She was worried that she wouldn’t have the digital skills to do her coursework, but she has discovered that she can teach herself the basics like Word, Excel and PowerPoint on LinkedIn Learning.

Brush up on your MS Office Suite skills on LinkedIn Learning

Explore LinkedIn Learning recommendations from the Academic and Digital Skills Team

Librarians’ and Tutors’ recommendations:

Ros Smith
Gamification of learning is an interesting introduction to using gaming formats to make learning engaging and effective. The course suggests tools that are applicable to both university and industry training settings.

Rebecca Whyley-Smith
I recommend Sway essential training because Sway can create professional, interactive presentations and online posters which can be used by all students as it is part of Office365.

Rachael Hartiss 
I recommend Learning Word Desktop (Office 365/Microsoft 365) because it is simple and easy to follow and focuses on the most common basic features of Word. If you have ever found formatting a word document a bit fiddly, then this is for you!

Sharon Perera 
I recommend How to organise your time because students are always telling us at the end of their studies, how they wish they had planned and managed their time better. It's also one reason why students panic at the last minute and turn to essay mills and plagiarism. Completing the course won't take up much time - but it will save you lots of future pain!

Digital Champion recommendations:

Reda Fatima
My recommendation would be the short course Prioritizing Your Tasks. As students we tend to get overwhelmed by the workload. Handling our work, study and social life becomes difficult. This short course helps prioritize your tasks efficiently and consistently. It provides you with task management and priority management skills.

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