Integrity Matters

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Integrity Matters is an interactive e-learning module designed to raise awareness of academic offences and offer strategies to avoid these.

Celebrating your academic community 

Nicoleta Catalina, 4th Year, Faculty of Engineering and Science

Hi, I am Nicoleta, a 4th year Engineering and Science student. During my studies, my academic community has become a second family to me. That is why I have made the choice to learn, understand and broaden my horizons while I am preparing for my future. Finding a reason to celebrate achievements and people has allowed me to reflect on my journey, while it also made me feel like I belong and I am heard, appreciated, and supported

Liliana Inguai, 2nd year, Faculty of Education, Health and Human Sciences
My name is Liliana, and I am a second-year social work student. My goal is to work in cybersecurity, and alongside my coursework, I am developing the hard skills necessary to work in the sector. I enjoy reading, playing chess, and spending time with my family and friends. I am a member of the Enactus, African Caribbean Society, and a student peer mentor. The university has amazing resources to help us develop skills and become more employable, and everyone should engage with emails to benefit from these opportunities.

Developing your academic voice

Tereza Jelinkova, 3rd year, Faculty of Business
My name is Tereza and I am a final year student of Languages and International Relations. I work as a Digital Champion and Library and IT Assistant at the university and I help students resolve any issues and queries they have around digital tools. I am looking forward to meeting you in the Symposium! 

Alejandro Villalpando, 3rd Year, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences
My name is Alejandro Villalpando, Year 3 architecture student. I am originally from Mexico, and fate brought me to London, where I'm fulfilling my goals and Greenwich University has a big role in this. 

Managing your time

Rahma Al-Awad, 3rd Year, Faculty of Engineering and Science
Hi, I am Rahma and I am a third year pharmacy student at the Medway School of Pharmacy. The pharmaceutical industry and the research and development of medicines truly fascinates me. It’s rewarding thinking that what I will do, in the future, will impact patients lives positively. I love art and improv and I do enjoy them in my free time, or as hobbies. Although I’m introverted by nature, I constantly endeavour to get out my comfort zone and develop my confidence by putting myself out there!

AI in your studies

Mary Agila Nixon, Faculty of Engineering and Science

Hello, My name is Mary. I'm an enthusiastic and outgoing MSc data science student with a passion for diving headfirst into new challenges. I'm known for my spontaneity and go-getter attitude, always eager to explore and learn. Whether it's data analysis or tackling life's adventures, I approach everything with zeal and a desire to make the most of it.

Nir Peretz, 2nd Year, Faculty of Engineering and Science
Hello, I'm Nir, a second-year Software Engineering student at the Faculty of Engineering and Science.
My academic path has been enriched by a diverse background encompassing business management and digital advertising.
I'm motivated by a simple desire for personal growth and a passion for learning. I'm always eager to take on new challenges and approach them with an open and adaptable mindset. Through my experiences as an entrepreneur in the digital advertising and development industry, I've had the opportunity to work with clients, generate leads, and implement SEO best practices. I'm just an ordinary individual who values continuous self-improvement. I maintain an active lifestyle and enjoy exploring different cultures. My experiences have given me some skills in team management, customer service, and analytical thinking, which I'm happy to share. I'll contribute insights from my varied background, hoping it will help others.

Aiza Khan, Humanities & Social Sciences
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has had a profound impact on various aspects of society. On the positive side, AI has improved efficiency in industries, leading to increased productivity and economic growth as well as enhanced convenience for individuals, etc. However, there are concerns about AI’s negative effects, such as loss of creativity in individuals, laziness in students, potential job displacement due to automation, ethical implications related to privacy and data security, etc. Balancing these aspects is crucial for harnessing the full potential of AI while addressing its challenges. As a student, I will also face the challenges and threats of career opportunities created by artificial intelligence and technology. To prepare for my future I’m studying MA Applied Linguistics, as I am passionate about the power of language and its ability to connect people from diverse backgrounds. I thrive on embracing diversity and inclusivity, believing that understanding different cultures and perspectives enriches our lives. I aspire to leverage my passion for linguistics, love for diversity, and commitment to inclusivity to create a more connected and empathetic world.

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