Integrity Matters

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Integrity Matters is an interactive e-learning module designed to raise awareness of academic offences and offer strategies to avoid them.

What is an Academic Offences Panel?

If you have been invited to attend an academic offences panel or if you’ve just attended one, then our Academic Integrity workshops can help you identify your next steps.

The Academic and Digital Skills team will be on hand to explain the process, share experiences and support you through the process. 

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What will you learn at our workshops?

  • What is an Academic Offences Panel?
  • Academic Offences and how to avoid these
  • Preparing to attend an Academic Offences Panel
  • Planning your next steps

What students say

Three young men gathered around a laptop

  This was absolutely brilliant! I'm so glad even though it's online a lot of fun can still be had.  

Three young people sitting around a table with laptops, smiling

  These sessions have been really helpful when trying to settle into uni life and the new technology that was going to be used  

Blurred view of an online meeting with multiple participants on a laptop screen

  Loved the interactive sections - they helped me to learn and gain confidence.  

Two women sitting with a laptop

  It's been more than 8 years since I last sat in the classroom, so these sessions will definitely help me with my academic skills and easy writing which am nervous about at the moment. So thanks for such help.  

A young man smiling at a laptop screen

  Loved all the interactive bits of the session and the relaxed feel of the people presenting - felt more engaged as a result.  

Aerial view of people pointing at a laptop screen

  Really helped to learn to use the Portal and to be able to get advice as a mature student.  

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