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LapSafe Laptop Loans: Home

Terms and Conditions

By using the LapSafe laptop loaning cabinets at Avery Hill Library, Stockwell Street Library and Stockwell Street School of Design, you take note of and accept the following:


  • LapSafe laptops are for use on-campus only and are your responsibility for the duration of the loan.

  • All loans are single-day loans, due for return by 22:00.

  • Design School laptops will auto log off at 22:00.

  • Any unsaved files will be lost if laptops log out or reboot and the university is not responsible for unsaved work.

  • When borrowing from the libraries, you should check the name label of your laptop matches the sticker on the front of the locker. For the School of Design LapSafe, check the sticker on the bottom of the laptop matches the locker number it was borrowed from. If the stickers do not match, please contact library/support staff as follows:

Avery Hill Library LapSafe - at the Library Welcome Desk or by emailing

Stockwell Street Library LapSafe - at the Library Welcome Desk or by emailing

School of Design LapSafe - email Design Studios Support:

  • Do NOT charge or store personal belongings in the LapSafe Lockers. The LapSafes are designed for our laptops only. The libraries and School of Design are not responsible for any loss or damage.

  • To correctly return the laptop, plug it in and ensure the red charging light shows, then close the locker door. This is required to remove the laptop from your account and ensures it is available for others to use once it has recharged.

  • Failing to follow the above could lead to your library account accumulating fines (with an initial £25 flat fee) and/or borrowing rights being suspended which may result in disciplinary action.


These Terms and Conditions were last reviewed and agreed in April 2022.

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