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StudyGroup@GRE: Home

Dates & Times

Academic Skills Hub, Avery Hill Library

Mondays 4-5pm

Starting Monday 11th November

Academic Skills Hub, Stockwell Street Library

Tuesdays 4-5pm

Thursdays 4-5pm

Starting Tuesday 5th November and Thursday 7th November

What is a study group?

StudyGroup is an opportunity to join with other students to explore study issues and course-work. It is widely recognised that working together with other students facing the same challenges benefits the students involved and helps to build confidence and understanding.

StudyGroup is not just another opportunity to have someone tell you what to do and how to do it, it is a chance for you to take control, to ask the questions you want asked and to explore the study issues that are currently on your mind with others in the same situation.

Book your place

Spaces are limited, book your place using the online booking system.

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