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Theses and dissertations: Home

Our theses, dissertations and projects

We aim to store and manage theses, dissertations and projects electronically. Our Thesis Retention Policy explains what is held by us.

Any user internal or external can access full text University of Greenwich PhD theses directly from GALAEthos, and (indirectly via) LibrarySearch. University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University students and staff should read the information available on the Drill Hall Library website for guidance.

Searching for Greenwich PhDs

The quickest way is to search for them on GALA. You can search and browse the British Library's  Ethos service of which we are participating members. Our theses are also harvested there.

In the LibrarySearch filter search results by Library Location 'Thesis Collection' and Format 'Repository' from the Library Resources menu. Follow the link to GALA or Ethos from each record.

Finding other theses via the portal

You can find other research theses from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Full Text: UK & Ireland via LibrarySearch in the My Learning/Learning Support pages in the university portal. 

Use repositories as a source

Theses can be accessed by searching the open access repositories of universities and institutions containing their research outputs. Repositories are indexed by search engines so you will find them in web search results. Additionally you can search CORE (Connecting Repositories); OpenDOAR and the Registry of Open Access Repositories.

Our digitised theses

Digitisation of submitted theses

In 2009, the decision was made in support of the University's Research Strategy to develop an institutional repository, to enable increased visibility and impact of academic research and individual researchers within the worldwide scholarly research community. During this project, a process was undertaken to gather and preserve as much University of Greenwich research material as possible dating back up to 7 years. This included digitising all PhD theses held in the library from this period.

All theses uploaded to GALA during this project are subject to section 2.0 of the Institutional Repository Takedown policy, which outlines the process to be undertaken if you wish to request a thesis from this period to be removed from the public view.

Undergraduate Projects & Taught Masters Dissertations

What's available?

A small representative samples (of best practice as decided by the Faculties), of final year projects produced as part of undergraduate and taught postgraduate degrees. If they are available they are held electronically in the relevant research methods Moodle course for your degree programme.

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