GREAT 2016

The University of Greenwich is beginning the REF2021 preparation process and launching the first of the GREAT (Greenwich Ref Assessment Trials) Cycle. The following actions are requested from individual academic staff members and Faculty Directors of Research by 1st May. More details and explanations will be given during the GREAT Roadshows which started in February 2016.

Actions for all Academic Staff

  1. Participate in REF preparation “GREAT-Roadshows”
  2. Ensure that your outputs are uploaded into GALA
  3. Select for assessment what you consider to be your best up to two outputs in the 2014-2016 period as GREAT1 and GREAT2 via GALA
  4. Insert additional information totalling 100 words to support the output (see page 25 of the REF2014 Assessment Framework and Guidance on Submissions) into the ‘Output Summary’ free text box.  

Showcase your work

GREAT fields in GALA

New fields have been added to GALA record templates to prepare for the GREAT exercise. The chosen item records in GALA can be marked as GREAT 1 and GREAT 2 and a supporting statement for each item of up to 100 words may be inserted into the Output Summary text box.

Selecting your outputs for GREAT 1 and GREAT 2

If you are creating a new GALA record, and wish it to count towards GREAT, you can easily fill in the appropriate fields before you deposit the item. However, if you wish to select an output for GREAT which was deposited in GALA in the past you will find that you are unable to edit the record later to include the necessary amendments. In this circumstance please do not deposit a duplicate record with the additional information! Instead, send an email to the Repository Administrator or to the GALA inbox naming the one or two retrospective items you have selected for GREAT and providing accompanying textual summaries. This information will be inputted into the existing GALA records on your behalf.

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