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Copyright: Use of Images and Copyright

Your guide to complying with copyright law

Can I use Images in my Teaching Materials?

If you want to use images in your power point presentation and your Moodle course so that your materials are not solely formed by words, you may rely on Google to search for images. If this is the case, please remember that you need to ensure you have the permission of the copyright owner before you use this material. Google Advance Image Search allows you to search for images that have been released under a Creative Commons License, or images that are not longer protected by copyright and are in the Public Domain. When using Google, always click on the image and visit the webpage where the picture is being held to double check the owner has granted public use of the image.

A good alternative is the use of images that has been licensed under Creative Commons and that can be found using the image search engine in Images that are published under a Creative Commons license allow you to use them for educational purposes, as long as you acknowledge the owner/creator, the license it is used under and a link to the source. Some of these are even released under a license that will allow you to modify. ALWAYS check the terms of the license carefully. You can search for images released under a CC License using the Creative Commons Image Search Engine by clicking here.

Another alternative is to search for images in Stock Images sites, such as Unsplash where they are published for free and they do not require of you to acknowledge the source. Please note that NOT ALL IMAGES  in a stock image site are copyright free. Always check very carefully the terms and conditions linked to the specific image you want to use. The use of some images will require of you to acknowledge the owner, others are free to use without having to cite the source.

Creative Commons Licenses

There are six Creative Commons Licenses. The following graphic explains what each license allows you to do as chosen by the copyright owner. This graphic belongs to and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

For more information about how Creative Commons Licenses work, visit this link.

Brand Centre

The Brand Centre is the University of Greenwich's brand portal for the official images, videos, logos, the messaging matrix, as well as templates to create your own marketing and promotional content (such as posters, leaflets, etc). You are also able to submit content requests through the Creative Requests link for any of your design/photo/video/copy needs.

The Brand Centre can be accessed here:

You can register for an account on the login page. Please contact the Content Team, on, if you have any queries.

Example of how to use an Image released under a CC License

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