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A range of short courses to help you develop essential academic, library and digital skills

What is Global English?

Global English is a series of taught  workshops designed to help you improve your spoken and written English, both in everyday terms and in work.

The workshops involve a variety of forms of interaction including pair and group work, giving you the opportunity to practise your English.

Global English sessions

Session 1: English Idioms

Delve into the meaning of some popular expressions which may appear a little baffling in isolation, but they are an important aspect of understanding and using English in informal contexts. Come along to discuss them and unravel their mysteries.

Session 2: Vocabulary Building

You will have the opportunity to practise your speaking while being challenged by the lyrics of a song to practise and develop your general vocabulary.  

Session 3: Poetry and Pronunciation 

Engage with some poetic English – further develop your cultural understanding, and at the same time practise your pronunciation.  

Session 4: Popular Beliefs (& reading the future) 

An opportunity to practise your spoken English, as we progressively focus on building your vocabulary around this topic with the help of some cross-cultural discussion, finishing, perhaps, with your own hypotheses about the future. 

Session 5: Homophones and Confusing Words 

An introduction to some common mistakes people make with words which sound the same but have a different meaning and/or use. Once you’re aware of these words, you’ll feel less hesitant and more confident with your English. So come along and join us. 

Session 6: Negotiating – the Survival Game 

We will introduce you to some diplomatic language for sharing your opinion with others – an essential skill. You will then have the opportunity to put this language into practice, through discussion, helping to steer your (small) group towards solving the ‘survival’ game. 

Session 7: The Real Article – using articles 

Although we have a more ‘grammary’ focused lesson today, there is a focus on discussion in which you have the opportunity to improve your understanding of the use of the article: ‘a/an’ and  ‘the’. 

Session 8: Negotiating – ‘Management Qualities’ 

A quick refresh of the language of negotiation before we embark on a discussion of what makes good management. (This topic is aimed at everyone – you do not need an interest in business to have an opinion). 

Session 9: Euphemisms and Taboos 

Cultural discussion on those peculiarly gentle expressions you might have to use, dependent on the topic which, may or may not be, taboo. Come along to find out. 

Session 10: ‘What Does It Mean?’ – more English idioms

Returning to the theme of our first session, we will delve into more idioms to uncover their possible meanings. Discussion to develop cross-cultural awareness and to boost your confidence in dealing with some of the trickier areas of language. 

How do I register for Global English?

You can choose to attend Global English workshops online, or in one of our Academic Skills Hubs on campus. 

Global English workshops will recommence in October 2023.

Register to attend at:

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