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A range of short courses to help you develop essential academic, library and digital skills

What is academic integrity?

'Academic integrity’ describes the values held to be essential in university study in the UK. 

  • Accuracy – making sure that your work is free from errors.
  • Honesty – being truthful about which ideas are your own and which are derived from others, and about the methods and results of your research.
  • Fairness – not trying to gain an advantage by unfair means: for instance, by passing off others’ work as your own.
  • Responsibility – taking an active role in your own learning: for instance, by seeking out the information you need to study effectively.
  • Respect – for your fellow students, your tutors, and the work of other scholars.


What is the Academic Integrity course?

Our Academic Integrity course will help you understand what plagiarism is, why it is problematic, and strategies you can use to avoid it. The course covers:

  • What can lead people to plagiarise.
  • Strategies to avoid plagiarism.
  • How to reference your work correctly.
  • Understanding Turnitin.

Academic Integrity is a Moodle course, but there is the opportunity to attend live workshops on the above themes (see details below). 

On completion of the Academic Integrity course you will be awarded with a certificate which you can use to obtain Greenwich Employability Passport points.

How do I access the Academic Integrity course?

Access the course through Moodle, or click here. (You will need to log in as a University of Greenwich student to access this resource). 

The Academic Integrity Moodle course is accompanied by a series of live workshops which can be attended online, or in person in one of our Academic Skills Hubs. Attending the live workshops is optional and recordings of the workshops can be viewed at any time via the Moodle course. 

To see the schedule of live workshops, please visit:

Earn Moodle badges and Passport points!

You can earn badges for completing sections of the Academic Integrity course. 

At the end of the course there is a short test comprised of twenty questions relating to the material covered across the four sessions of academic integrity.  Successful completion of the quiz will earn you a certificate, which you can use to obtain Greenwich Employability Passport points. To find out more about the Employability Passport scheme, click here. 




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