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Your Digital Learning: Preparing to Learn Online

Preparing to learn online

Online learning is a new experience for many of us, and it can feel very different to attending face-to-face classes. When learning online you need to consider how and where you will study, how you engage with online learning materials, and how you will communicate and collaborate with tutors and fellow students.

The resources below offer some simple guidance to help you prepare for online learning at the University of Greenwich. Take some time to explore these.

Need further help with digital learning? Why not speak to our Digital Champions.

Explore the recordings of our Preparing to Learn Online workshops

Preparing to Learn Online: New to Technology 

A workshop introducing the software you will use at University, focusing on  Office 365 and Teams, and covering keeping safe and secure online.

Preparing to Learn Online: Getting Started with Moodle

This workshop gives an introduction to Moodle, including Studiosity and Turnitin. 

Preparing to Learn Online: Teams for Online Learning

A practical workshop running through lecture, seminar and 121 formats on Microsoft Teams. 

Preparing to Learn Online: Independent Learning Online

A workshop with advice to help you take control of your online learning, and make the most of the apps and resources for online learning.

Preparing to Learn Online: Working Together Online 

In this workshop we explore tools for online collaboration, focusing on Microsoft Teams and Office 365.

Presenting and Engaging Online 

This workshop gives top tips on communicating ideas through online presentation. Explore the fundamentals of presenting online and presentation software, focusing on PowerPoint. 

Online Sources: How Can You Tell the Real From the Fake News

Our fake news workshop which introduces the concepts of misinformation, disinformation and fake news.  

Professional use of Social Media

In this workshop we explore how to successfully use social media as a professional tool.

Your Digital Learning at University

Explore resources aimed at helping you to develop the digital capabilities needed for university study, and beyond.

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