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Eresources: Online Surveys

Online Surveys

Online Surveys is an easy to use tool that allows you to design, distribute, and analyse surveys online. If you have used other survey software previously, you will find that Online Surveys has more or less the same functionality. The university has an institutional licence allowing us to create user accounts for staff and students.

Online Surveys

What is it used for?

Final year undergraduate and postgraduate students use the service to create surveys as part of their research for their dissertations and theses. Staff members use the service to get responses to a range of research and feedback questions.


How do I get a student account?

Contact the Administrator Nadine Edwards in Library Services by email at

Note if you are a final year student working on your dissertation or final year project in the Business Faculty, it is likely that Bruce Cronin, Director of Research or Nicoletta Dimitrova, Senior Lecturer Department of Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour may have already requested an account on your behalf. In this instance you will receive an automated email from JISC inviting you to create a password for the service.

Activating your Online Surveys account

Click the activation link in the automated email you receive from JISC. You should be directed to the screen below. Just create your own password for the service.

Image of Online Surveys registration page asking the user to create a password

Note your username to login is your university email in the format and whatever password you create for the service. The password that you choose should NOT be the same as your university password. Once your account has been activated you can sign in to create, view and edit your surveys or any shared with you at:

Help and Support

Online Surveys provides excellent help and support information. Select the Help and Support link at the top of the screen to search and view help topics in the first instance.

image showing the words 'help and support'


Staff requests

If you would like to request a user account for yourself or for your students, email the administrator Nadine Edwards at with a spreadsheet list of student names, User IDs and university email addresses.

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