The Student Conference, 25th & 26th May 2022

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Success Starts Here

Building FOR success, building ON success

These two days are really about celebrating success. It’s about really stepping back and saying: 'this is what I’ve achieved, this is what I can achieve' and that’s really, really important to do that. Coming to university isn’t just about sitting in a classroom, it isn’t just about the studying; it’s about developing yourself holistically. It’s about taking up every opportunity that comes your way, because that way you can develop skills and those skills will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Jane Harrington, Vice Chancellor, Student Conference opening address, 9 June 2021

  • In a rapidly changing world, employers are altering their business processes in response to what customers want. How do we adapt our own skills to fit into this new world? How do we recognise and grow our strengths to achieve success?
  • On a wider scale, where change is prevalent and where every action affects the wider ecology of business, study and the planet, how can we ensure we are taking the right steps for the good of all?​

  • This is a conference 'for students, by students'. You can contribute to the conference in three categories, as a group or individual. Presentations can take place live online, or they can be pre-prepared or recorded.​

Book your place at the Student Conference 2022 and join in the conversations about what the future looks like and how you can make a difference.

Get Involved

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Come and join in the conversations about what the future holds for students like you. Aside from the immediate need to develop skills for the future, there are wider implications.  Our collective digital behaviours can potentially change the world for the better in terms of climate change, poverty and disease.

As a conference attendee, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Welcome Pack
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Greenwich Employability Points
  • Expand your LinkedIn network
  • Networking opportunities
  • A chance to share your unique student experiences and insights

Why present at the conference?

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Presenting at conferences is a great experience and this is the perfect opportunity to get started. You’ll gain insights and develop skills to write and deliver a presentation. More than that, you will find yourself becoming a part of a network of academic and professional practitioners. You’ll get help and advice to develop your ideas and find some like-minded fellow students in the process.

As a conference presenter, here are some other benefits to look forward to:

Submissions for presenting at the Student Conference 2022 have now closed. 

How to attend

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You can attend all sessions online, and there will also be a limited number of places available at the Greenwich and Medway campuses (numbers will be determined by our commitment to a Covid-Safe campus).

You can register to attend online at any time up to or during the conference.

Register to attend either or both days of the conference:

Click here to attend at Maritime Greenwich campus or online on Wednesday 25 May

Click here to attend at Medway campus or online on Wednesday 25 May

Click here to attend at Maritime Greenwich campus or online on Thursday 26 May

Click here to attend at Medway campus or online on Thursday 26 May

We look forward seeing you there!

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