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All about ebooks at the university and how to access them.

Frequently asked questions for students

Why is my title not available as an ebook?

Not all print books are made available in ebook format for libraries to purchase for their collections. This is the decision of the publisher.


My title is available on Kindle or iBooks or Kobo etc., but not in the library. Why is this?

Some titles are only made available in ebook format via Kindle, iBooks, Kobo etc., so that they can be purchased by individuals rather than by libraries to purchase for their collections. This is the decision of the publisher.


When I try to read the ebook I get a message on screen. Why is this?

Ebooks have different licences attached to them by the publisher. Some have single user licences, some have multi-user licences and some have unlimited licences. We always aim to purchase the most generous licence available for a title. Anyone trying to access a title once the licence limit has been reached, will get a message telling them that the book is temporarily unavailable and to try again later. 


Why can't I download the entire book?

You are able to download individual chapters (or 5-10%) rather than the full ebook. However you can still read the entire book online. Note that sometimes when the maximum number of licences has been reached you will see a message asking you to try logging in again at another time.

Frequently asked questions for staff

How do I make ebooks available to my students?

Link to the book via the URL present in the Electronic access field of the LibrarySearch record.


How do I make ebook chapters available to my students?

The best way to provide access to the content from our ebooks is to link to them from Moodle. The print/chapter downloads limits for ebook titles is set by the publishers and is usually between 5 – 10% so will vary from title to title.

No content can be uploaded into Moodle from electronic books or/and electronic journals. Any content from books (electronic or paper) you want to make available to your students via Moodle, needed to be requested through the scanning form via this link:


What if the title on my reading list is not available as an ebook in the library?

Contact your librarian to find out whether the book is available for libraries to purchase for their collection via licensed routes. Note this will NOT be via Kindle, iBooks, Kobo etc. If it is not available, talk to us about using an alternative title which we are able to purchase for the library collection.

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How do I contact the library about ebooks?

Get in touch with your librarian in the first instance.

For technical queries contact the IT Service Desk.

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