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Ebooks: Kortext

All about ebooks at the university and how to access them.

Etextbooks in Kortext

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For the first time, some publishers have licensed some of their etextbook titles, which have previously only been available to libraries in print format. We have unlimited access to a small selection of etextbooks on Kortext until the 24th November 2021. These work on a different funding model to our usual ebooks and we are experimenting with them to see whether there is sufficient usage, ease of use and value for money to continue using this platfrom in the future.

We would appreciate your comments and feedback about your experience of using Kortext.

What you need to know...

  • If you log in to Kortext before accessing a title from LibrarySearch or Publication Finder, you will not see any titles in your Bookshelf. It will be empty. The Bookshelf only displays titles you have ‘borrowed’ which is to say accessed from the title links in LibrarySearch, Publication Finder or the ETextbooks-NB1120 Moodle course.
  • You need to search for one of our titles in LibrarySearch, Publication Finder or the ETextbooks-NB1120 Moodle course and select the link which will take you into Kortext. In this way you will have 'loaned' the book and it will remain visible on your Kortext bookshelf until the book expiry date.

Kortext Reader and Bookshelf

Kortext Mobile Apps Reader

Accessing Kortext

You can find the etextbooks by searching for the title on the main search screen and via the Publication Finder link in LibrarySearch or selecting the link from the ETextbooks-NB1120 Moodle course. The link takes you directly to the book in Kortext. There is also a link to Kortext via the Online databases and academic journals link in the Search the Library portlet on the My learning / Student / Learning support pages in the portal.

You can also download the apps for Google Play StoreIOS App StoreWindows App Store or get the Mac app. To get the most out of your learning experience use Kortext online. Kortext is optimized for Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

You can log in to the Kortext app on up to 5 devices. Amazon Kindle is NOT supported at this time.

Once you select the link in LibrarySearch, Publication Finder or Moodle and navigate to Kortext you will authenticate via the UK Access Management Federation ‘where are you from (WAYF) screen’. Type ‘Greenwich’ and select the university name to be transferred to the Kortext title directly. There is no need to create an individual account.

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