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Researchers: PGR Study Rooms

Stockwell Street Library

There is a PGR study room (room 3005) on the third floor of Stockwell Street Library. This room is only accessible to research postgraduate students (PhD / MPhil) and library staff, and is accessed using your Greenwich Gateway Card. It is available at any time during the Library opening hours.

The study room has 24 study spaces, each with a network PC and is available on a first come first served basis. 

Conditions of use are consistent with the rest of the third floor: silent study; no eating; lidded drinks only; no phone conversations.  Please note that any group activity work can be undertaken in the bookable study rooms.

Please let us know how this study space can be developed to best support you by contacting Helene Mallauran, User Services Manager

Other study spaces available

There is a wide range of computing and study facilities available at Stockwell Street Library, to meet the various needs of our students. These include bookable group study rooms, and open access computer rooms .

To book a study room, visit  the My learning/Learning support page in the portal.

Stockwell Street Library PGR room

Drill Hall Library PGR Room

Drill Hall Library

The Drill Hall’s research support team is delighted to welcome you to the new Medway postgraduate researcher’s room situated on the first floor of the Library. The postgraduate researcher’s room now offers you a new community space with a mixture of comfy seating and small tables designed to encourage peer support and collaborative discussion. Please note that silent study space is also available within the Drill Hall Library if you require it.

Ask for directions to the room from the Welcome Desk or head up the stairs past the café towards the mezzanine. For further information please contact either Andrew Day, Academic Services and Collections Manager and Research Support lead ( or Sandy Andrews, Academic Support Assistant for Research ( We look forward to hearing your feedback.