Visitor Access: Avery Hill

Facilities and services for parents accompanied by children at Avery Hill Library

Children or young persons accompanied by staff and students are permitted into open access areas and other low risk areas on University premises during core hours at the discretion of the local Manager. The university policy can be found here:
We are always happy to help and support any student or staff as much as we can.

Students with children can expect to:

  • Make enquiries at the Welcome Desk.
  • Collect reserved items and items obtained via the Document Delivery Service.
  • Return any borrowed items.
  • Print/scan.
  • Pay any library charges.
  • Use the print credit machine. Online payment is also available
  • Present Welcome Desk staff with a list of books to be borrowed. Ideally this should be submitted 24 hours before collection to 
  • Library staff will collect books from the shelves for parents to borrow.
  • Parents with children may use PCs in the Mansion Site Common Room, Mansion Site Studio Café and the Dome at Southwood Site.

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