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Visitor Access

Facilities and services for parents accompanied by children at Avery Hill Library

We recognise that some staff and students have caring responsibilities, and that it may be necessary on some occasions to bring children along when making essential use of the Library.

Children accompanied by staff, students and guardians are permitted for short durations and open access IT areas, provided they remain supervised at all times. 

Parents and guardians must take full responsibilities for their wellbeing and safety and ensuring their behaviour is in accordance with the library regulations.  Supervision is the sole responsibility of the parent/responsible adult and cannot be delegated.

They must register on their first visit. Registration times are 9am to 5pm, Monday - Sunday. By signing the registration form, the parent/responsible adult accepts sole responsibility for their child, including their quiet behaviour, good conduct, safety and observation of Library and other relevant regulations.

Children may not use any Library equipment, including computing equipment, or use any device on the University’s network included the wireless network.

If a child is disturbing other Library users, the accompanying adult is expected to take the child out of the Library.

Some areas are restricted:

  • Silent Room

The libraries also host workshops and one-to-one meetings with academic support staff. Students should not bring children to such events or meetings without prior agreement of the event organiser or meeting host.

The university policy on children including young persons can be found here:

The libraries are open most days but before travel, please check our opening hours to see any notifications of changes to opening hours.

Remember to bring your ID card with you. No ID card, No entry.