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Library Guides

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Visitor Access

Expected behaviour

  • Users are expected to behave in a scholarly manner. The library is not staying open to provide social space. Users will be revising for exams and working towards deadlines so please be considerate.  If you need to talk about your work use the ground floor; staff will ask people to move so that we can maintain a quiet study environment.  To report any behaviour that is of concern to you, please go to the Reception Desk outside the turnstiles.
  • Use the appropriate study space and have phones set to silent in quiet areas.
  • Put your rubbish in the appropriate bins. If they are full please inform Reassurance Staff or the Security Officer.
  • Normal eating and drinking rules apply - no hot food, no takeaways/fast food, no alcohol.
  • No smoking in the building including e-cigarettes.
  • Report any issues with leaks, toilets or the building in general to Reassurance Staff or Security Officer.
  • See the University Code of Practice for Children and Young People regarding children on university premises.
  • Do not cover up panels in doors or turn off lights.
  • Hand in lost property to Reassurance Staff or the Security Officer.
  • Cleaning staff will be in the building from 6.00 am to do normal cleaning. It is unavoidable that they will have to vacuum and clean. Please co-operate with them as they do their jobs and be prepared to move if you feel they are disturbing you.
  • Look after yourself - take regular breaks, get some fresh air, keep hydrated. If you are caught napping, staff will wake you up. If you are very tired, go home and get some rest.
  • Use the Take a Break software on the PCs to lock your PC for 40 minutes so you can have a break from studying.
  • Take care of your possessions and do not leave any personal belongings unattended.
  • In the event of a fire alarm activation, please leave immediately by following the fire exit signs to the nearest exit – use the enclosed stair cores, rather than the open stairs.
  • When using a PC, save your work regularly.