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Academic Support: Home

Here you will find useful directions to the variety of study support services available to you..


As with any new activity academic work does not come easily. Nobody is born with the ability to drive a car or build a bridge for example so there is no reason to believe that anyone is born with the ability to think critically, argue from evidence or write in a structured formal way.

We learn by doing and through experience. During your time at university you will be expected to master a subject area but you will also be expected to develop the academic skills to make the best use of your newly acquired knowledge and insight. While it is your course tutors' role to provide you with subject specific support there are other tutors available to you whose role it is to help you develop your academic skill set.

It is entirely natural and very usual for students to lack confidence in things like...

  • Taking lecture notes
  • Reading academic texts
  • Searching for research data
  • Writing structured academic essays

... and generally thinking critically.

These skills will come to you as you practice them and there is a great deal of support available to you to help you build up your academic confidence. What we offer in Academic Support is a friendly and approachable service where you can be assisted in overcoming particular problems relating to the demands of academic study. Visit our Web Hub for more information and some helpful advice about studying more effectively

Contact Us

It's easy to make an appointment to see any of our Academic Support Team. Just use our online booking system, pick a time and tutor and an appointment will be automatically generated for you. You will receive immediate confirmation via email.

Meet one-to-one with one of our Academic Support Team and get help with academic skills and research for your coursework, essay or dissertation.

Academic Skills Tutors:

Andrew Sinclair, Mike Alsford, Jenny Spinks, Paul Brewer, Marion Hobday, Sharon Perera (team manager)


What does the feedback cover?

Feedback will cover:

  • Spelling and grammar
  • Document structure
  • Use of language
  • Argument development
  • Referencing

Feedback is not subject specific. This means that design students (for example) will not get feedback on their design ideas and literature students will not get feedback on their literary criticism. The feedback is purely about the quality or your writing and covers the points listed above.

Who is providing the feedback?

Feedback is provided by online tutors. They may not be based in the UK, but they are based in locations around the world where British English is spoken. This means the service is available 24/7. The online tutors are not subject specialists, but they are experts in academic writing.

Connect Live

Studiosity also has a feature called 'Connect Live', which is a live chat service that connects you to an advisor who can help with study skills specific to a particular discipline, leaving the subject matter expertise in the hands of your tutors.

The advisor can’t help you with your overall assignment, essay question, or formulas, but they can help with the basic principles of maths, chemistry, physics, business studies and other subjects, as well as giving you feedback on your academic writing. They can help unblock a quick problem or point you in the right direction back at the university for more help.

Please note that using the Connect Live option contributes towards your 8 Studiosity submissions. 

Skills4study Campus

There is also the Palgrave Skills4Study Campus online learning resource. It's accessed via Moodle.

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