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Academic Support: Code of Practice

Here you will find useful directions to the variety of study support services available to you..

Code of Practice

The Code of practice below has been developed to make it clear what an Academic Skills tutor can do and what they cannot do to support you.

Code of Practice


What we can do

What we cannot do

Preparing & Planning an Essay

Help you to clarify the essay title

Suggest a thesis statement

Guide you in stages of planning an essay including time management

Make judgements regarding the academic content of your essay

Assist you in improving reading/note-taking.  Inform of tools that might assist.

Make specific comments regarding content.

Help you  to plan the structure

Draw up an essay plan

Advise you of  further resources


Writing as Essay

Show you how to use electronic sources

Conduct a specific search and select evidence for you

Clarify your ideas


Advise on academic style

Rewrite any of your essay

Help you to avoid plagiarism by correct referencing

Check all your referencing

Clarify punctuation, grammar and spelling on a part of your essay.

Proof-read your essay

Post submission

Help you to learn from feedback

Re-mark your essay

Make suggestions as to further resources

Challenge the final grade

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