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Your Digital Learning: iProgress - Information Literacy

What is information literacy?

Information literacy skills are important for digital learning. There is a rich and diverse range of information available to us online in a variety of formats. As that volume of information grows, information literacy skills are key to being able to find, critically evaluate and use information effectively and ethically for a specific purpose. 

The words fake news on laptop screen


At university you will have access to a large amount of information, but a large amount of information on its own doesn't make us better informed. You will be challenged to dig deep and think critically about the information you access. You will learn to use and adapt your information literacy skills confidently and effectively in the different situations and contexts that require you to use information. These skills are increasingly valuable to you as an individual and to employers alike.  So how do you develop information literacy skills? 

What is iProgress?

A free course in Moodle.

Our Moodle course iProgress is a course designed to help you use information ethically and effectively in your academic work and has guidance on finding information for an academic project, referencing and avoiding plagiarism in your work and advice on finding quality information on the internet. You can earn Greenwich Employability Passport points for completing iProgress. 

Access the course through Moodle, or click here. (You will need to log in as a University of Greenwich student to access this resource).

The short video below tells you more about the course.

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