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Filming in the Library: Home

Find out how to apply for permission to film in our libraries

Welcome to our Filming Guidelines

We are happy to consider applications for filming, but do have to take into account the needs of our users to study in silence and without impediment.

Should you want to film in our libraries please read the key points below and then check what the possibilities and limitations are for the site you wish to film in.

Please note: These pages are solely for filming in the library and we do not commit to organising or arranging filming or photography, we simply act as a venue. For those wishing to film elsewhere on each campus they should see the details given for that site.

Permission forms.  The forms vary slightly by site, therefore the documents are available at the bottom of the appropriate library page.

Things to consider

External Crew/Guests

All crew who are not members of the university, need to have  have permission to come on site.  Please see the individual site rules to see who to apply to.


Please see the individual site rules 


We need to know if you are bringing lots of bulky equipment for which you will need to complete a risk assessment, such as booms, rigging, lighting, clothes rails.


You must seek customers permission when filming panoramic shots of the library, please respect peoples rights not to be filmed.

Library Property

Film crews must respect library property, and not move, rearrange or remove any materials, furniture, equipment, etc without specific permission to do so.