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Filming in our Libraries

How to request permission to film or photograph in our libraries

Welcome to our Filming Guidelines

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Kindly make a request for permission to film or take photographs before visiting a library for this purpose. Filming is only permitted with the permission of the Library Manager or their designated representative at the specific library you wish to visit. Requests for permission should be submitted at least five days in advance. While we welcome applications for filming, we must consider the needs of our users to study in a quiet and undisturbed environment.

If you wish to film in our libraries, we kindly request that you read this guide before submitting an application. 

You can access the application form here or use the permission forms section of the menu. You will need to submit a completed risk assessment form as part of your application.

When submitting a request, please provide the following details: the purpose of the film or photography shoot, the desired date and time, the nature of the shoot (e.g., filming/photographing library users or actors), and the specific location within the library. Each request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that these guidelines pertain solely to filming within the library premises, and we do not commit to organising or arranging filming or photography, we simply act as a venue.

When can I film?

Filming is only allowed when the library building is open. The hours we permit filming may vary depending on the opening hours of the buildings and occurrence of other activities, as this reflects the business of the library and operational needs. Filming in our group study rooms is restricted to the booking times shown on the system.