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General Library Guide

How to use your university library service

Our fines-free library policy

We have replaced fines with a new system to make sure our books are returned by their due date

We want to keep things fair for everyone. We all rely on books being returned on time by another borrower every now and then. Please play your part bring the books back promptly and ensure everyone has access to the books they need. Make our library work for the whole community.

Now is a great time to return your books, even if you’ve had them for a while

We won’t charge you a penny, so this is a great time to return the book you have had on loan for longer than you should have!

Cost of living initiatives

Removing library fines is one way we are supporting you with the cost of living.

We appreciate that the current increase in cost of living may impact you or people close to you in different ways. We want to do all we can to remove barriers to access within our libraries and improve your experience of our libraries. Removing fines is one way we are supporting you.

As well as going Fine Free across our university, we are doubling the total funds available in our Hardship Funds, and in collaboration with Greenwich Students’ Union have developed a Cost of Living checklist with some useful tips.

We share these and other initiatives to support you here

Fines-free FAQ

Does the Fine Free policy just apply to books?

No, the Fine Free policy applies to all loans items borrowed from any of our libraries – including books, CDs and DVDs. Laptops are excluded from this policy. Users will be fined if they return laptops late.

Does the Fine Free policy applies to all our students and staff?

Yes, the new policy applies to all books, CDs and DVDs borrowed from our libraries, and to all our staff and students equally.

Do I need to continue to return, recalled books so that fellow students can access them?

The books you borrow will still automatically renew on your account unless someone else places a reservation on them. However if the book is reserved by another borrower, you will receive a recall notice via email asking you to return it by the due date shown on your account.  We all rely on books being returned on time by another borrower every now and then, so do make sure you return your books by the due date.

What will happen if I don't return the item I have recalled?

After 7 days, if you have not returned the overdue item, we will consider the item to be lost. It will be unavailable for other students, so we will begin the process of invoicing you for the replacement cost.

Will you email me to let me know that an item on my account needs to be returned? 

Yes, if an item you have on loan that needs to be returned, we’ll email you to let you know. If this happens you must return the item on time to avoid it becoming overdue.

Check your student email regularly to make sure that you keep up to date with the university, your library account and your course, so that you can get the most out of university life. Add your email account to your mobile device and keep up to date wherever you are.