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Why Staple

Staples can add a professional look to a document of 2 or pages as well as keeping your work organised. There are two ways to staple documents using our printers, this is a short guide about how to do this, using both techniques. It is useful to know how to do this as staff are unable to lend you a stapler in the library.

Before you print

The printers can add a staple to a document. This setting can be selected before sending the document to print. The default is for ‘no stapling’, however you can choose to have 1 staple (added diagonally in the top left corner), or two staples (added on the long edge of the page).

When you go to print your document, select file > print. and click on the print preferences option. When the print preferences window is open look for the Staple/collate/group drop down menu. and select ‘Staple & Collate’ . On the right you have option of where you want to staple.

print preferences window wil staple/collate/ group dropf down and staple location image

After you print.

Slide your pages with the corner you want to staple at the top-left  in the slot under the staple icon,

Image that shows how to staple after you print